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Lublin University of Technology

State University
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: Politechnika Lubelska
Established:: 1953
Students:: 10000
Accommodation:: Так
Levels of study:: Bachelor's degree (BA, BSc), Master degree (MSc, MA)
Study Language:: English, Polish
Fields of Study:: Business | Finance | Management, Engineering/Technical sciences, Art | Design | Architecture, Computer Sciences | ІТ

Information and Ranking

Lublin University of Technology is a technical state university in Poland that provides a high level of education, using modern technologies and techniques to create an interesting and easy educational process.

Today Lublin University of Technology is:

  • 14 training buildings, 4 student dorms, canteen, parking, indoor sports complex (gyms, fitness and training rooms) and outdoor facilities (stadiums and sports fields) located in the academic town of Lublin University of Technology (near the city centre);
  • more than 65 years of traditions and experience in the highest level of technical education;
  • 6 faculties, more than 21 areas and 50 specialties;
  • foreign exchange of students and practice in different European countries within the framework of Erasmus project;
  • modern and unique scientific equipment, laboratories, practical classes;
  • a wide variety of student`s organizations, sports sections, artistic circles and academic communities;
  • qualified scientific and didactic staff.

According to ratings and awards, the university ranks:

  • 1st place among Polish universities in the patent category;
  • 1st place in the ranking of Polish universities in the category "Innovation";
  • 8-9th place in the rating of technical schools "Perspektywy";
  • 33rd place in the "Perspektywy" Academic Ranking;
  • more than 8 years first places in the Student-Inventor competition;
  • numerous medals at the International Exhibition of Inventors in Geneva.

For student

Today more than 1,000 foreign students study at the university. The university is a participant of the Erasmus + program, enabling students to study from one semester to a year , improve their qualifications, take internships and intern at one of the partner universities abroad, receiving monthly funding, up to 600 EUR for study.

Students can choose from more than 50 specialties at 6 faculties:

  • Construction and Architecture (WBiA);
  • Electrical and Computer Science (WEiI);
  • Mechanical (WM);
  • Environmental Engineering (WIŚ);
  • Management (WZ);
  • Technology Basics (WPT).

Applicants who has a Pole card, long-term residence permit in Poland or a certificate of Polish language at C1 level have an opportunity to study free of charge (entry is on a competitive basis with Polish citizens). Other foreign students can receive free tuition only if they win in the competition "It is worth being the best" (students of the 2nd year of study who have received a high grade in the first academic year are allowed to participate in the competition).

The Career Bureau provides students with career guidance, full-time and summer job offers, internships, workshops and trainings, and organizes direct contact of student with employers.

There are more than 12 student organizations operating at Lublin University of Technology (Student Council; University Club of the Academic Sports Association; Yacht Club; Student Magazine "Plagiarism; Student Photo Agency and others) and more than 50 scientific circles (Automation; Helicopter Construction; Informatics; Support of design works; Construction of aviation engines; Transport-Expeditions-Logistics; Electro-ecologists "ELMECOL"; Electrical intellectual systems "ZORDON"; Electronics "MICROCHIP"; Construction ARCHINATURE "etc.) that enable learning to work in a team and get valuable experience.

„Rdzewiak” Center of Innovation and Leading Technology - with specialized laboratories in the field of information technology, automation, testing of vehicles, materials and devices. The center has modern research equipment that competes with the best centers in Poland and a base for research and creation of innovative technologies and improvement of students' practical skills.

The Business Incubator supports students and graduates who want to try their hand at business (with the ability to run a business on simplified conditions), helps with development funds, legal and accounting consulting in the business field.

Language courses

Course title Language courses Hours Beginning Registration fee Fees Deadline
120 30.06.2020 0 100 30.06.2020

Hours: 120

Beginning: 30.06.2020

Registration fee: 0

Deadline: 30.06.2020

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720 01.06.2024 175 1550 30.06.2024

Hours: 720

Beginning: 01.06.2024

Registration fee: 175

Deadline: 30.06.2024

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On the territory of Academic campus of the Lublin University of Technology are 4 dorms for students.

• 12 rooms for 3 people on a floor (corridor type).

• On the floor are also: kitchen, shower, toilet, laundry with iron and ironing board, vacuum cleaner;

• The rooms are equipped with: beds, desks, chairs, shelves, wardrobes, washbasins, refrigerators;

• In addition, students are given: a blanket, pillow, bedding;

• Free Internet access;

• Payment for the accommodation is from 345 PLN (EUR 85) per month from person.

View of accomodation in Lublin University of Technology
from 85 €/


View of accomodation in Lublin University of Technology
from 85 €/


View of accomodation in Lublin University of Technology
from 85 €/


View of accomodation in Lublin University of Technology
from 85 €/



Lublin, Poland

Lublin, Poland

Lublin, Poland

Lublin, Poland

Lublin, Poland