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University of Social Sciences Warsaw

Private University
1230 €/ Year

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: Społeczna Akademia Nauk Warszawa
Established:: 1994
Students:: 5000
Accommodation:: Так
Levels of study:: Doctor (PhD), Bachelor's degree (BA, BSc), Master degree (MSc, MA)
Study Language:: English, Polish
Fields of Study:: Business | Finance | Management, Medical Sciences, Human sciences, Art | Design | Architecture, Computer Sciences | ІТ, Social Sciences

Information and Ranking

The University of Social Sciences is one of the largest and most popular private educational institutions in Poland with branches in Lodz, Warsaw (the largest campus), Krakow and London.

The main advantages of the university are:

  • 8-11th place among private universities in Poland according to «Perspektywа» ratings in recent years;
  • The educational institution most frequently selected from all private universities in Poland (according to MNiSW);
  • Diamond to Gold Figurine of Polish Business Leader - Business Center Club;
  • Best Business Partner title - Home & Market;
  • One of the best educational institutions according to employers;
  • PKA (Polska Komisja Akredytacyjna)accreditation;
  • NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation.

The campus of the University of Social Sciences in Warsaw consists of 2 buildings:

  • Łucka 11 the main educational-didactic Building (located in the heart of Warsaw). Students have access to: 5 spacious, modern lecture halls for 120 and 200 people, 6 computer laboratories; 12 specialized study rooms for the Faculty of Philology, including multimedia language workshops and two language laboratories, 40 teaching rooms (for 30 to 40 people each), 4 conference halls, a library and a computer reading room, a professional radio and television studio, a gym.
  • Dorm with lecture rooms on Cioka Street 6.

For student

The University of Social Sciences offers all students the opportunity to travel abroad through the Erasmus + program and partner agreements with universities around the world. These trips last from one to two semesters, during which students take part in classes, collect materials for writing bachelor's and master's theses, and improve their foreign language skills, while establishing important contacts. Students have an opportunity to pursue at least 2-month internships at companies and universities abroad, thereby gaining valuable experience for future professional development. The funding for such trips varies from 400 to 600 euros per month.

Also, The University of Social Sciences has master's degree programs with Clark University (USA), enabling students to spend 1 or 2 semesters in the US town Worcester, Massachusetts.

Students have the possibility of educational travel and having practice or internships at EU institutions in Brussels and Strasbourg.

The University of Social Sciences trains specialists in the educational degrees of bachelor, master, doctor (postgraduate) and MBA programs at the faculties of the humanities, management and security, medical.

The library consists of over 42,000 textbooks, screenplays and monographs, published and purchased since 2000. In order to provide students and staff with access to big and various online collections, the University joined the eIFL Direct electronic library information project 2007.

There is a Career Bureau for students at the University, which initiates collaboration between students, graduates of the University and socio-economic partners, providing students with internships, , and job search help.

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The University of Social Sciences in Warsaw (SAN Warszawa) - provides students with an opportunity to stay in their own dorm located in the Wola area (limited number of places). To reserve an accommodation you must pay a deposit and the cost of a month's living there according to selected room.

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